1. If You Set the Word Limit Higher Than 0 (zero)

Partly and Full content protections are similar. The only difference is when you set a word limit like 70, all of your pages/posts become accessible until 70 words and become protected after 70 words.

You’ll need to edit the existing posts/pages and select a membership level from the right sidebar to give access to the content.

If you already have so many posts/pages, we have a section to do this procedure to multiple pages/posts at once.

Magic Members –> Misc. Settings –> Post/Page(s)

You can select the membership levels, then posts/pages and click Setup Posts.

Make sure you DO NOT check the box where it says “Add Private Tags”.

And if you use [private][/private] tags in the post/page, Full Content Protection will be deactivated for that post/page.
If you want some of you pages to be accessible for everyone. You will need to select all the membership levels including Guest for that page.

2. If You Keep the Word Limit as 0 (zero)

When you set the content protection to Partly and keep the word limit as 0 (which is the default setting when you first install Magic Members), you enable the manual protection mode. None of your posts/pages will be protected automatically.

If you want to protect a page/post, you’ll need to use [private][/private] tags around the content you want to protect. You can use the private tags anywhere. You can protect all of the content in the page or you can just protect one word. Then you’ll select the membership level(s) to access it.