The basic idea of Magic Members CCBill integration and two integration types:

 Magic Members uses CCBill only as a payment processor. If you previously used CCBill, you probably used their script and their User Management. With our plugin, the content protection and user accounts will be handled inside your WordPress site by Magic Members.

1)  Pricing Id or Subscription Type Id:

In this type of integration, you’ll have to create matching Subscription Packs in Magic Members and a Subscription Price in CCBill Account. Price created in CCBill Account should match the Pack price/cost and recurring/billing settings. Once you created, CCBill will generate a Price Id (also known as Subscription Type Id) which you have to use it in Magic Members Subscription Pack Settings While this type of integration offers highest form of security as no price alter can happen outside CCBill, there is a limitation of using it. You have to create multiple prices for each of your pack in Magic Members. This might be difficult if you offer 20 different subscription packs to sell in your site. So the other integration type offer more flexibility.

2)  Dynamic Pricing:

This form of integration requires that you request to CCBill to activate Dynamic Pricing for your account. They will also provide you with a MD5 Hash Salt. The salt is mandatory to create a digest of the subscription payment request and must be updated in CCBill Account as well Magic Members’ CCBill Module Settings. Dynamic Pricing will require no need for creating and managing Pricing in CCBill Account. It will create the payment form dynamically based on the settings you set in Magic Members.


Magic Members uses Dynamic Pricing for Post Purchases. If Dynamic Pricing is not enabled, Post Purchase will fail in your site


Both the integration requires you to create a payment form in CCBill Account which needs to be copied to Magic Members’ CCBill Module setting page, so Magic Members can send the payment data to the pre–selected form. If the selected form is not “Active”, this will result in error. Please make sure it’s activated.


Integration Steps:

Magic Members:

  1. Activate CCBill module in your site
    Magic Members –> Payment Settings
  2. Update  CCBill  settings in module settings.
    You will need to update:

    • Client Account No: (CCBill will provide)
    • Client Sub Account No: (CCBill will provide) Default sub account is 0000. If you want, you can create more sub accounts for different websites, each will use different settings (good for single CCBill account for multiple websites). All settings should be updated with respect to the sub account.
    • Form Name: You have to create the CCBill payment form in CCBill Account ( Please follow CCBill Account Setup before you create a form.
    • Send Username/Password to CCBill: Optional, if set to yes, Magic Members created username/password will be sent to CCBill payment form.
    • Dynamic Pricing Status: Optional, if you want to use dynamic pricing instead of CCBill pricing (also termed as subscription type) enable this. Note: you have to request CCBill to create a dynamic pricing hash salt and activate dynamic pricing for your CCBill account, once that is activated by CCBill, use the hash salt in Magic Members CCBill module.
    • Dynamic Pricing MD5 Hash Salt: If using dynamic pricing, input the salt here.
    • DataLink Username: Create a Datalink User in CCBill and enter the username here
    • DataLink Password: Create a Datalink User in CCBill and enter the password here
    • Currency: The currency you want to use. Default is USD



The URL settings that you’ll set inside your CCBill account are created by Magic Members and you can access them at Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> CCBill . So, copy them and paste them to the correct fields.

  1. Basic SettingsCCBill Basic Settings

    The urls that you need to set are:
    Approval URL
    Denial URL
    Cancel URL

    Copy the links from:
    Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> CCBill –> Approval URL
    Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> CCBill –> Denial URL
    Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> CCBill –> Cancel URL

  2. Advanced SettingsCCbill Advanced Settings

    The urls that you need to set are:
    Approval Post URL
    Denial Post URL

    Use the following link for both Approval and Denial Post URL:Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> CCBill –> Background Post URL

  3. Webhooks SettingCCBill Webhook Setting

    The url that you need to set is:
    Webhook URL. Also click the “All” checkbox to select everything

    Use the following link for Webhook URL:
    Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> CCBill –> Webhook/Status Notify URL

  4. Datalink Setting

    Access to Data Link Services Suite menu and click the “Add User” button.Datalink Services

    New - View Datalink User

    Create your user and use the same Username / Password information in Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> CCBill –> DataLink SMS Username and Password fields

    Add Datalink User

    You will also need to request for SMS activation for your Datalink user. Below are the requested functions for SMS.


    We need them in order to process, track, cancel, modify recurring payments.

    When you edit your DataLink user, it should show the SMS functions like below.

    Also add your site’s IP address to the Valid IPs section

    CCBill Datalink Settings

  5. Pricing SettingCCBill Form Settings

    Create Pricing in CCBill Account. Even  if you are not using dynamic pricing for subscriptions, but you want to sell individual posts, then you must enable dynamic pricing.

    If you are using Pricing for Subscription, make sure to create it before creating the payment form in CCBill Account. If you want to create more pricing after creating a form, you have to use “Generate HTML” option in form settings in CCBill Account (see fig above), form settings are available in forms list in CCBill Account.

    You can create two types of pricing in CCBill – single billing and recurring billing. Once created you can copy the Pricing ID ( also termed as Subscription Type ID) and put it in Magic Members’ subscription package settings. This mapping is very important, without the correct mapping, the module will report error,

    Ex: You have created a pack in Magic Members by name “Level 1 Pack” and as per the pack pricing have created a CCBill Pricing. Now copy the Pricing Id and save it in Magic Members Pack CCBill Settings -> Subscription Type ID.


    If you wish to use Dynamic Pricing for subscription, enable it in Magic Members’ CCBill Module settings and keep the Subscription Type Id field blank inside subscription pack setting.  When no Price Id ( Subscription Type Id) set for the CCBill module, it will use the cost in packages settings.
  6. Create Payment form in CCBill AccountThe form will be activated by CCBill after some time. If it’s not activated, please contact CCBill Support. All the pricing created for the sub account will be attached to the form. You need to use the Generate HTML link to create the form and attach pricing to it ( this process is repeated for any additional pricing created on the sub account).