Infusionsoft is one of the popular auto-responder services.

General Idea

Auto-responder integration in Magic Members works with the registration (also with upgrade and extend) form. When users register, if they select the checkbox where it says “I would like to receive updates”, they will be added to your auto-responder list.

Only users with successful registration process (“Active” user status) will be added to the list.

Integration Steps


Infusionsoft :


Application  Name :


1. Ones your login to IS you will see under account central page your accounts section application name to use in Magic Members



To Enable the Infusionsoft API Key:


1.Go to Admin > Settings in the master nav.


2.Click on Application in the settings menu.



3.Scroll down to the API section and enter a passphrase in the text box. The API Passphrase is simply a password, or series of words that will be used to generate your unique API key. Be sure to remember your passphrase if you ever need to generate your API key again.



4.After you enter a Passphrase, click on the Save button to generate the API key.



5.This key is used in the API coding to authenticate the secure connection


To Set Up Actions:


You have 3 options.


1.Marketing > Settings > Action Sets: Create action sets that trigger based on unique activities that occur in the external system. The API will trigger the action set by referencing the ID assigned to it in Infusionsoft. Although the API does not trigger action sets based on name, it is smart to use a naming convention that helps you keep track of the purpose (e.g. incoming API – new member).


2.Admin > Settings > Application: You can set up one action set that triggers when a contact record is created through the API and another that triggers when a contact record is updated through the API. You are limited to one action set for each purpose. These are most commonly used when you are using the API solely to feed in leads and need to assign the leads through a round robin.


3.You can also use the API to trigger individual actions instead of setting up an action set and use tag, sequence, email template IDs instead of setting up an action set in Infusionsoft. This may be required if there are multiple follow-up scenarios based on the data being fed into Infusionsoft through the API.


To Create and manage Tags


Tags help you divide your contact database into very specific lists so that you can send them relevant messages based on their relationship and interests.

1.Go to CRM > Settings in the master nav.


2. Click on Tags in the settings menu.



3. Click the Add Tag button.


4. Enter the tag name and (optional) select a tag category. Note: To create a new category, enter the name in the text box under the Category drop-down.


(Optional) You can enter multiple tag names, separated by commas, to batch create tags and assign them to the same category.



5. (Optional) Add a Description such as date created, your name or initials, and /or notes about the purpose of the tag. These notes serve as a reminder to you.


6. Click on the Add Tag(s) button to create the tag(s).


You can also click on the Import Tags button to upload a list of tags using the Import wizard.


To Edit or Delete Tag:


1. Go to CRM > Settings > Tags


2.Click on the name of the tag you need to edit or delete.


3.After editing the tag, click on the Save and Return to Tags button.


4.Click on the Delete this tag link if you want to permanently delete the tag.


Note : Deleting a tag will also remove it from the contact records it has been applied to. Before you delete a tag, you may want to reassign these contacts to a different tag.