If you use a different platform before and you want move your members to Magic Members, you can do that by using our Import User Data menu which is located at Magic Members –> Tools –> Data Migrate –> Import User Data

Magic Members requires a specific template for you to import your users via an XSL file.

Here’s an example import file: Example Import File

When you open the file, you’ll see 4 fields which are minimum requirement for a successful import.

user_login: Username of the user

user_email: User e-mail address

pack_id: This is the subscription pack ID. It can be found at:
Magic Members –> Members –> Subscription Options –> your pack –> right above the Basic Setting. It will be something like “Package #3”. You’ll only write 3.

membership_type: This is the membership type for the user account.

If you want to import more fields, create and enable them at Magic Members –> Content Control –> Custom User Fields . After that use their name as column in your import file.

When you first import your users the following field will be set automatically by the pack_id field:


pack_id will set the pack’s details to the user. So, join and register, last pay date will be the date you import your user. The expire date will be set to next billing date automatically.

After you import the users successfully, you can include those fields and remove pack_id field to update them.