When you enable Full Content Protection all of your pages/posts will be protected automatically. Your visitors won’t be able to see any of your posts/pages content. They can still see your post’s/page’s titles, but the content inside won’t be displayed.

You’ll need to edit the existing posts/pages and select a membership level from the right sidebar to give access to the content.

If you already have so many posts/pages, we have a section to do this procedure to multiple pages/posts at once.

Magic Members –> Misc. Settings –> Post/Page(s)

You can select the membership levels, then posts/pages and click Setup Posts.

Make sure you DO NOT check the box where it says “Add Private Tags”.

And if you use [private][/private] tags in the post/page, Full Content Protection will be deactivated for that post/page.
If you want some of you pages to be accessible for everyone. You will need to select all the membership levels including Guest for that page.