Single Site License

The Single Site License may be installed on one (1) domain or subdomain. It cannot be installed more than once on the same domain.

The Single Site license costs $97.

3-User License

3-User License may be installed 3 domains or subdomains.
3_use license costs $197.

Unlimited License

The Unlimited License may be used on an unlimited number of your personal domains and costs $207. You cannot use the Unlimited License for clients.

The Unlimited License is for personal web sites only. You must own the domains you are using this license on.

Commercial License

We do offer a commercial license and it’s sold in block of 5 and 10.

The way it works is you would purchase the 5 block and that would get you 5 separate license keys. That way when you resell the individual license to your clients, each client can have their own license key registered to their domain.
It’s sold as followed:
5 Site Commercial License = $300
10 Site Commercial License = $500