Aweber is one of the most popular auto-responder services.

General Idea

Auto-responder integration in Magic Members works with the registration (also with upgrade and extend) form. When users register, if they select the checkbox where it says “I would like to receive updates”, they will be added to your auto-responder list.

Only users with successful registration process (“Active” user status) will be added to the list.

Integration Steps


You’ll need to create a form or edit your existing form to get the details.

Access to and click the Preview button to display and view the source code.



Then you can get the two required variables:


By default, only user’s email will be sent to Aweber’s list. If you want to send more details about your customers to Aweber, you need to create those fields in your Aweber form. Then, you’ll not the “name” variables for your field.




In this example you’ll need to note:
name (awf_first)
name (awf_last)
custom Phone Number

These will be the field names that you will match inside Magic Members

Magic Members:

Login to your site and access to Magic Members

Go to the Autoresponders menu and select Aweber to open its settings



  1. Primary Settings:Set the Web Form Id and Unit/List Name that you created in your Aweber account.
  2. Field Mappings: (OPTIONAL STEP)If you don’t set anything here, integration will still work. It will map the e-mail address then send it to your list. But, if you want more fields to be sent to your Aweber account, then please edit the fields that you want to map at Magic Members –> Content Control –> Custom User Fields and select “Send to Autoresponder”.



    You have to match the Name Tags in Aweber with the fields in Magic Members.

  3. Membership Mappings (OPTIONAL STEP)If you want different membership levels to have different mailing lists, you can map them here. Enter the “listname” like you did for the Primary Setting into Aweber List/Group and select the membership level.
  4. Access to Magic Members –> Content Control –> Custom Fields¬† and enable the “Autoresponder” field.